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Fall 2022 Update

Hi all!! Trusting Spirit has gone through some changes this year. Claudia Trapp retired from her job as a US Postmaster after many long years. She now has the freedom to enjoy some family and travel time. With this life change came the need to retire from the rescue business as well and move the rescue to someone who will be available on a daily basis to care for the horses. Claudia has given her time selflessly for almost 20 years and helped 50+ animals from horses to llamas, alpacas, goats and the occasional dog or cat. TSHR board voted to re-assign the 501c3 to our wonderful and irreplaceable volunteer McKena Fraley. She has dedicated endless hours to THSR for the last few years and is ready to take on the rescue herself. The location of Trusting Spirit has moved from Orondo to Royal City where McKena and her boyfriend Rylie live. They created 5 acres for the horses to roam and even have pasture combined with dry lot to meet their nutritional needs. McKena adopted 2 horses when TSHR moved, Freedom our mustang mare and Little, an older mare who is a newer addition to TSHR. She will support these 2 mares. She also moved Classic our sweet beautiful arabian gelding to live out his days until he succumbs to the cancer that has been growing in his body for years, yet he acts like a youngster still unaffected. Classic will be supported by rescue donations.

In an effort to think long term and not overwhelm McKena, THSR partnered with North Idaho Blessings from above to rehome, Spirit, Ruby and Mouse to their farm in North Idaho. North Idaho Blessings From Above horse rescue& sanctuary TSHR has provided funding for these 3 horses as donations become available and would like to continue to do so since they are likely long-term residents. Kimberly Jo Boughton has many rescues already and graciously offered to take in the 3 of ours when Claudia retired.

Stephanie Stibal has remained on the Board of TSHR and of course McKena is now the registered agent and board member, we will look to add to the board with the resignation of Cindy Wall last spring. We want to thank Cindy for making such a huge difference for TSHR with her fundraising and marketing skills. She kept us organized, had a positive attitude, great sense of humor and will be missed! We wish her the best! Trusting Spirit Horse Rescue’s board may have switched up but the mission and dreams for our herd have stayed the same.

Mckena is starting from the ground up in Royal City, the rescue's new home.

As we enter Fall and start preparing for Winter, we thought this would be a great time for a fundraiser. One of our main goals we'd like to raise money for is building a second shelter. We want to make sure everyone has room to escape the elements. Second, we had the opportunity to buy a large amount of hay this summer to make sure we were covered throughout winter, but now we'd like to build back up our hay savings. Another expense we could always use help with is farrier visits.

As always, we really appreciate any amount you can offer or just sharing our fundraiser! Each & everyone one of you helps make a difference for our horses!

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