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History and Background

In January 2006, the first group of rescued horses arrived at Trusting Spirit Horse Rescue to begin their recovery and rehabilitation. Claudia Trapp, founder and president, established this 18-acre ranch to provide a safe haven for horses and other equines brought in from at-risk or life-threatening situations. In the 16-years since, Trusting Spirit has taken in 55 horses, more than half of them mares. Six mares arrived pregnant resulting in six colts being born at the ranch. Over the years, many of these rescues have been rehabilitated and adopted. Several died from natural causes or illnesses related to their condition upon arrival and others were humanely euthanized. For many still living at the ranch, Trusting Spirit will be their forever home.


Trusting Spirit’s mission is to address the needs of neglected, abandoned and abused horses by enabling them to live the remainder of their lives in comfort and dignity, whether at the ranch or with a new family and home.

Rehabilitation, adoptability and rehoming are the primary goals at Trusting Spirit. This begins by determining the best possible future for each horse based on his/her condition, knowledge, training and circumstances. Thorough evaluations are conducted to determine each horse’s potential and suitability for adoption. Assessing for temperament, soundness and adaptability is key when establishing a rehabilitation plan. With the help of dedicated volunteers, local veterinarians, farriers and trainers most horses have a good chance of rehabilitation and being matched to a caring owner or family.

Acquisition of Horses

Trusting Spirit’s policy is to take in horses that come through the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society or other animal welfare agencies we partner with in the state of Washington. This ensures that the proper legal process is followed before acquiring, treating and caring for rescued horses.

When called upon, Trusting Spirit cooperates with law enforcement and animal welfare agencies when investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty and abuse cases involving horses.

Governance and Financial Support:

Trusting Spirit is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who establish priorities, manage expenses and oversee day to day operations at the ranch.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we rely solely on local business and private contributions, in-kind donations as well as fundraisers and grants to operate. All funds and proceeds received go directly to the cost of food, shelter and overall care for the horses at the ranch.

Compensation is provided to our farriers, veterinarians and professional training partners who help treat, rehabilitate and train the horses to ensure they are healthy, safe and ready for adoption.

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