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A Tribute to Dreamer

It’s never easy when we’re faced with the decision to end a horse’s suffering. Even in the rescue business, you don’t get used to it. It’s even harder when it involves a horse that was more a resident, teacher, and steward. That was the case earlier this week with our sweet horse named Dreamer.

Dreamer had been with us since 2009 and we’ve learned more from him in the past 11-years than he ever learned from us. Dreamer was a wise old soul to not just us humans, but to the other horses at the rescue. He became ill not too long ago and took a serious downturn this past weekend. It has been heartbreaking to all of us that we had to let him go. His absence leaves a huge void.

We were so fortunate to have had him with us and to have witnessed the dozens of children and other horse lovers whose lives he touched and inspired over the years. We put together a tribute video in his honor and we’re sharing that with you here. Rest In Peace, our sweet Dreamer. You brought great joy to our lives. We will miss you always.

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