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Waiting for Midn​ight

He arrived in November 2013, one of 60+ horses rescued from a destitute situation in Spokane, Wash. Trusting Spirit took in five and Midnight was one of them. 

This thin, underweight seemingly all black gelding with a long wavy mane and a white cross on his forehead did not look like a grand horse. He was dirty and covered in filth. His hooves were neglected and his thick mane and tail were matted. He was malnourished and afraid of humans. His story can be found at this link.

Raising George

An adorable little foal was born at Trusting Spirit in March 2018 to a rescued mare that arrived the previous summer. The mare, known as Freedom, came from Spokane but it wasn't until a few weeks later that we discovered she was pregnant and would foal in early spring. That's exactly what happened.

Read the story here of this little colt's journey over the past year and his life with his new person and family.

Hope for Bluebell

Bluebell arrived in the fall of 2013 along with several other horses seized outside of Spokane, Wash. Her new forever home and person has been a long time coming but she was finally rehomed in early April and is now a very happy girl. Read about her journey here.

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